Sermons by Reverend Michael Neely

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Keep Hope Alive

Series : Walking on Water Scripture : Matthew 14:28 If you want to become a certain kind of person – a hopeful person focused on Christ – you must begin to think thoughts that will produce those characteristics. Loosing focus can lead to a loss of hope.

Have You Seen the KING Lately?


After Jesus pulled Peter out of the water (his own 9/11 experience) and put him back into the boat: Matthew says they worshipped Him saying truly this is the Son of God. Isaiah saw the King in Isaiah 6. We must remember to not allow unexpected turmoil to take our focus off of the King […]

The Gideon Experience


God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things for His glory and His kingdom. Do you feel unworthy to be used by God? Do you say with God all things are possible but you struggle to bring the Lord of the impossible into your life? Judges 6:11