Dance Ministry
The mission of the Dance Ministry is to praise and worship the Lord through the God-given gift of dance. We wish to touch the lives of people in such a way to bring about “real” change, encouragement and/or conversion in their lives. This ministry is open and available to any person who purposes to praise God with the spirit of David.
Drill Team Ministry
kids-drill-team111x75The Drill Team is an effective and productive ministry within the NMCC. We deliver the word of God through dance, music, and other techniques while having fun!
Mens Ministry
The mission of the ministry is to engage men in activities that will bring them closer to God to be positive influences in their homes, their places of work, their places of leisure, and in church. All men are members of the program. The ministry will also work to support local missions here in town and across the county.
Music Ministry
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Women's Ministry
We provide opportunities for women to connect with other women, study God’s Word, and encourage each other in love as they “do life” together while growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.